Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
I specialize in high-end residential and commercial construction management. I love my work because I get to work with all kinds of people. I'm constantly choreographing clients, architects, engineers, vendors, suppliers, laborors, craftsmen, city planners and inspectors, towards successful project completion. Every day presents a new set of challenges and I love solving problems! Here is a sampling of recent project I have managed:
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Electronics Manufacturing Facility - Industrial TI


Role: Corporate Project Manager

Responsible for upgrading and outfitting new electronics manufacturing facility. Converted empty and derelict,56,000 sq. ft former office building into state-of-the art electronics assembly, test and shipping facility, with 6 meeting rooms, guest and training facilities.

LOCATION: 767 Gibraltar Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035

SIZE: 56,400 sq. ft

BUDGET: $8,500,000


B7 Front View
Building 7, Milpitas Manufacturing Campus
B7 Interior View
B7 Interior during construction.
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Commercial TI

Client: WEWORK

Role: Project Manager

Called in towards the end of the project by WeWork to sort out a bad job. Poor workmanship, illegal shortcuts, wrong fixtures and finishes, combined with multiple legal issues and problems with the City Inspectors made for a very interesting Close-out Process.

LOCATION: 1161 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

SIZE: 3 floors / 10,000 squ. ft.

BUDGET: $5,400,000

CONTRACTOR: Merged Builders Group

1161 Mission Street Exterior
1161 Mission, San Francisco1161 Interior 1
1161 Mission Interior Lobby1161 Interior
1161 Mission Interior Lounge1161 Interior
1161 Mission Interior Office
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Private Residence
Residentidal TI

Client: Venture Capitalist & Family

Role: Project Manager

Complete high-end remodeling from the ground up. Total siezmic retrofit. Penthouse added.

LOCATION:19th & DeHaro, Potrero Hill, San Francisco, CA

SIZE: Four floors, 5,500 squ ft.

BUDGET: $3,400,000

CONTRACTOR: Lemma Construction

Before shot
Project on sticks
Complete foundation upgrade required
New Moment Frame
New moment frame installation.
Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
Beach Cottage

Client: Business Executive & Wife

Role: Project Manager

New Custom Residence

LOCATION: 2811 Ribera Road, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93923

SIZE: 2.650 squ ft

BUDGET: $1,400,000

CONTRACTOR: Lemma Construction

Aerial view of Monterey Bay
Carmel residence overlooks Monterey Bay. Carmel residence exterior detail
Carmel residence ecterior detail.
Carmel residence guest room interiorCarmel residence living area interior
Carmel residence guest room interior.   Carmel residence living area interior.
Carmel master bedroom interior
Carmel master bedroom interior. Carmel residence view from Monterery Bay
Carmel residence view from Monterery Bay.
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Showroom Retail TI

Client: HenryBuilt of New York

Role: Project Manager

New West Coast Showroom for high-end custom kitchen designer. Converted auto repair shop into modern furniture showroom with polished concrete floor and exposed beams.

LOCATION: 356 Miller Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941

SIZE: 4,000 squ ft

BUDGET: $1,000,000

CONTRACTOR: Lemma Construction

HB Showroom Exterior
New HENRYBUILT West Coast Kitchen ShowroomHB Showroom
New ShowroomHB Showroom
New Showroom
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Commercial Re-Roofing Project

Client: 2110 Wilshire Blvd. Office Tower

Role: Sales & Project Manager

Before 4 story rock tear-off and re-roof with CertainTeed 20 year torch-down. Exceptionally cut-up roof, poor access and busy perdetrian traffic.

LOCATION: 2110 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90403

SIZE: 36 Squares

BUDGET: $50k Est.


2110 Wilshire Blvd

2110 Wilshire Blvd

Cell Antennas

Cable Race

Air Conditioning Units

AC Units

Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
Entertainment Re-Roofing

Client: The Gersh Agency

Role: Sales, Project Manager

The Gersh Agency, creative talent agency. After years of maintenance, I specified a complete tear-off and re-roofing with CertainTeed GTA 20 Year torch down system, included replacing a large equipment pedestal and resloping the rear roof to drain properly.

LOCATION: 232 Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA

SIZE: 38 Squares

BUDGET: $50,000


242 Canon Drive

242 Canon Drive

Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
Commercial Re-Roofing Project

Client: AVCO Corp Office Tower

Role: Sales & Project Manager

16 story rock tear-off and re-roof. Re-sloped roof, added 4 new roof drains and re-roofed with Carlyle TPO. Challenging access issues.

LOCATION: 10850 Wilshire Blvd., Westwood, CA

SIZE: 140 Squares TPO Single Ply

BUDGET: $100k Est.

CONTRACTOR: All Year Roofing

AVCO Center Office Tower
Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
Multi-unit Residential Re-Roofing
Client: Valleyheart HOA Condominiums

Role: Sales, Project Manager

3 to 5 story, complex multi-levl roof, very dangerous working conditions. Complete tear-off and re-roof with Certainteed 20 GTA torch-down. Estimated, created Scope of Work, hired Subcontractor, Project Managed delivery on time, on budget & accident free.

LOCATION:13030 Valleyheart Drive, Studio City, CA

SIZE: 480 Squares

BUDGET: $92k Est.


Valleyhear HOA Street View

Valleyhear HOA Roof

Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
Roofing Restoration: Luxury Hospitality
Client: Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

Role: Project & Account Manager

A major remodeling upgrade left little budget for a tired roof replacement so a heavy acrylic coating was applied to buy another 10 years of system performance.

LOCATION: 11461 Sunset Boulevard and 405 Freeway, Los Angeles, CA

SIZE: 600 Squares

BUDGET: Confidential


Luxe Sunset Blvd Hotel
Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
Municipal Solar Installation

Client: City of Costa Mesa Community and Recreation Centers

Role: Project Manager

Installed solar systems on standing metal seam roofed Recreation Center and the single-ply roofed Community Center, both systems, connected by a 90' trench, tied into a SATCON 250 located in the Community Center.

Worked directly with City officials to bring in very multifaceted project on time, on budget and accident free.

LOCATION: Costa Mesa, CA

SIZE: 129 KW

BUDGET: $1.2M Est.


Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
Commercial Solar Installation

Client: Westfield Group / Culver City Mall

Role: Project Manager

5-story main mall gallery undulating roof, covered with lethal skylights, presented very challenging access and safety issues.

Selected, co-originated and supervised two main electrical sub-contractors.

These are Dying Li panels mounted on a custom Schletterer racking system, tied directly into a local transformer, requiring a total shut-down of the Mall early one Sunday morning.

Worked directly with Westfield senior management to bring project in on time, on budget and accident free.

LOCATION: Culver City, CA

SIZE: 132

BUDGET: $680k est


Copyright 2014 by Marshall Smith
Industrial Solar Installation

Client: Research Tool & Die Works

Role: Project Manager

3-story industrial wood arched beam roofs required some re-inforcing before installing 150 kW of Ying Li panels on custom pipe racking and tying three system, through extensive treneching into one SATCON 250.

Tight deadline met on time, on budget, and accident free. Great client!


SIZE: 227 KW

BUDGET: $1.1M Est.


Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
Multi-unit Residential Solar Installation
Client: Affordable Housing by Adobe Communities.Org

Role: Project Manager

New construction. Ying Li PV panels mounted on custom pipe racking tied into 5 XANTREX inverters.

Co-ordinated installation with all trades, from the ground up, to successful client delivery, on time, on budget and accident free.



BUDGET: $485k Est.


Copyright Casa Dominguez
Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
High-end Residential Solar

Client: Entrepreneur

Role: Project Manager

Magnificent new 16,000-square-foot, six bedroom, 11 bath, cozy beach pad on three lots. Solar energy powers 5 widescreen TVs, two full kitchens, pool pumps and an elevator.

Co-oridinated solar power installation with archtects, framers, plumbers, electrician and roofers. Wonderful client and project.

LOCATION: 212 The Strand, Manhatten Beach, CA

SIZE: Custom 14kW system over galvanized metal roof

BUDGET: Private


Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
Furnace Creek Birthday Celebration
Client: Private Party

Role: Event Production

Planned and presented an evening of fine dining and entertainment for 24 weekend guests. The entertainment program featured a 50 year multi-media look-back for the birthday girl, as well as family skits, live music and dancing late into the beautiful desert evening.

LOCATION: Death Valley Nat. Park, CA


BUDGET: Unlimited

CONTRACTOR: Furnace Creek Inn

Copyright Furnace Creek Inn
Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
Values: The Project Manager must be willing to take full responsibility for the successful completion of the entire project. He uses time tested tools to interpret the plans to create a working Scope of Work, Budget and Schedule. Here is where the Owner's, Architect's and Engineer's dreams are converted into reality. He uses his broad experience to select the best team players to complete the work. He knows how long each step should take, and how much it should cost. After extensive pre-planning and the project has begun, he uses his natural organization, mentoring and coaching, huristic consciousness, linear reasoning and persuavive verbal skills to keep the team, and the project, on track.

I have been fortunate to successfully deliver many challenging and high-profile projects.*

Copyright 2017 by Marshall Smith
*I am deeply grateful to the many great Clients, Construction Managers, Project Managers, General Contractors, Sub-contractors, Supervisors, Job Foremen, Payroll Administrators, Permitting Departments, vendors and our respective administrative teams, who have worked with me in bringing in so many succesful projects. Thank you.
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